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Spinal Rehab

A spine is a vital structure of our anatomy so spinal pain or problems can be debilitating. At Alliance Physical Therapy we understand the importance of getting you back on the road to recovery quickly. We have worked with clients with a range of issues and are here to help you. You can find more information below about some common issues that we have experience treating. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our Physical Therapists.

Treatment for this condition includes flexibility for back, legs, then stabilization of stomach, back, gluteals, hips, which all include the CORE. There can be massage and myofacial release, brace fitting, mechanical traction, and home traction units given, to assist patient to recover at home as well. A home exercise program is individually made for each patient.

Very common ailment for all of the population. Can happen in the back yard, sleeping wrong, lifting something, or after motor vehicle accidents. Treatment includes modalities to relax muscle spasms and help heal tissues. Then a hands on approach that can include massage, myofacial release techniques, mobilizations of spine, mechanical traction, and exercise for flexibility, motion, and stabilization.

Can be caused by bulging discs, rotated vertebrae or rotated sacro iliac joints. The progression of treatment usually includes getting pain and spasms under control, then work to get normal range of motion back, then strengthen and educate to decrease the potential of re-occurrence.

Many work stations are not ergonomically designed correctly. If someone is in a bad posture of position for long periods of time, it can create burning, tingling, and/or pain. Treatments work to decrease pain with modalities, and really work on core stability and proper body alignment at work or at home to decreased postural pain.

Working with physician protocol, we try to restore normal motion and flexibility, then work on core and leg stabilization and strength to return patients to work, recreation, or daily activities.

Pain, tingling, numbess, can be a result of a neck/cervical problem. Treatment includes: motion, nerve gliding or movement to decrease area of nerve being pinched or compressed, then motion and strengthening of neck, shoulders and rest of arm to help regain function again.

The SI joint is commonly injured when someone bends down with legs straight and picks up a child, heavy object, over something that is just awkward to lift. It can be very painful. Treatment includes: modalities to get pain down and muscles relaxed, then gentle mobilization of the SI joint and lumbar spine. When SI joint is realigned, lifting education, flexibility and strengthening exercises given to prevent reoccurrence.