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Check out what our patients have to say about their experience at Alliance Physical Therapy

I LOVE healing and health by taking care of your body and Alliance PT fits that perfectly. I recently tried dry needling for chronic back/shoulder pain and after just one appointment I had so much relief I wanted to cry tears of joy! The strengthening PT will also pinpoint the exact weak spots so I can move on after years of struggling! Best decision I’ve made was to try this!—AD

The ladies were all very nice and very helpful. Through their work and exercises, I am able to move and use my arm much better than when I first started. I am so happy to be rid of the extreme pain I had for quite some time.—PB

After just a few sessions, I feel better than I have in years! My therapists were able to provide resolution to issues that have plagued me for years. I only regret not going sooner. Brittany, Shauna, Karen and Mike are competent, caring and genuinely interested in getting their patients back to their best health!—KV

The people who’ve worked with me have been very knowledgeable and helpful – plus approachable and very friendly. I can feel the ‘homework’ exercises they give me to do helping me between sessions.—CP

Staff is very professional and knows what they are doing. They are all very friendly and strive to make you feel better with each visit.—TT

Comfortable atmosphere, qualified staff, friendly. One of the most important qualities is the attention to the patient. I feel very comfortable and well tended to.—CR

I feel that I’m making great progress! My doctor was so impressed with the level of mobility and strength that I have achieved in the short time I’ve been attending PT, too. Thanks so much Brittany, Shauna and Karen!—PB

Brittany was so helpful in giving me enough exercises to get me started in healing, but not too many to be overwhelming! And she told me which were most important in getting me back to normal.—JO

They answer all of my questions, put forth extra effort when working with me, kind and considerate—MK

Karen Best greets you with a smile when walking in and Brittany McClary the Physical Therapist is super kind as well. My son feels like he has done very well with only 2 sessions so far. He also looks forward to going in knowing he will be treated with kindness and compassion. I work in a clinic and have recommended Alliance PT to many. Thank you all!—PT

Friendly and very caring staff. They work hard to help you reach your goals. Just an all around comfortable place to recuperate!—PM

How much time you took to evaluate my pain and the area to be treated!! Very kind and feel confidence in what you can do to help me!!—BT